Falanghina docet

di Antonella Amodio 15/11/16
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Falanghina docet

Falanghina was first made and bottled as a varietal in 1979. This took place in the tuff stone cellar of the Mustilli family in the greens hills of Sant’Agata dei Goti. Thus began a winemaking sea change for the most widespread and cultivated grape in the region of Campania. Before this, Falanghina was considered a grape to be used for ‘cutting’ other wines and was for the most part sold as a bulk wine to wineries in northern Italy. Thanks to Leonardo Mustilli – the engineer who loved wine – this grape was retrieved and appreciated, exalting its many merits.

More recently, many Falanghina producers have been offering select, cru and reserve versions that have highlighted the varietal’s extraordinary refinedness and capacity to age. Cantine Mustilli is a point of reference to comprehend all this. Leonardo’s passion and talent have been handed down to his daughters Paola and Anna Chiara who now carry on his mission to protect and promote native grape varieties. And year after year their Falanghina confirms itself as a fine wine indeed.

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