Miglioli, a Mantua tradition

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Miglioli, la tradizione mantovana

Viadana is a rich and pleasure-seeking town that is one of the few to be situated at the crossroads to four provinces: Mantua, Cremona, Reggio Emilia and Parma. It is an area that is crazy about rugby and good food. In fact, in this blessed land all flavors seem amplified be they vegetables, fruit, pork products, beef or the pumpkin squash famous the world over. Last but not least is the Lambrusco with its unique, savory and excellent characteristics that make it entirely different from the neighboring varieties: Marani, Maestri, Castelvetro or Salamino. Years of ampelographic research have determined that a particular indigenous variety is cultivated in this area: Lambrusco Viadanese.

The area is home to the Miglioli family winery that is a leading producer of wines from this variety which today are, in my opinion, among the most inspired. The history of the Miglioli family dates back to 1864 when great-great-grandfather Angelo would set of to market with his horse-drawn cart filled with wine barrels and return with sacks of corn. This according to Alberto who, together with his brother Andrea, runs the estate today. Alberto is an enologist, farmer, passionate winemaker and… great drinker. This because if you produce something you really like you instinctively try to do it in the best way possible.

You will not often find him at the estate’s headquarters because his vigneron soul brings him each and every day to the vineyard where he cuddles and almost converses with his vines. His brother Alberto, aside from taking care of “business matters”, is in charge of the final stages of production, including logistics. When they talk about wine the Miglioli brothers become poetic and old worldly, adding a farmer’s strength and indissoluble rapport with the land. It is like connecting with Ligabue or Guareschi, whose characters Don Camillo and Peppone lived in Brescello just across the Po River. Their wines are those of someone who lives and produces here: sincere, rustic, strong and full of calluses. It is a Lambrusco that leaves no one indifferent and which when paired with the local cuisine creates a perfect union.

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