Il Grillo del Marchese

di Riccardo Viscardi 27/05/16
1519 |
Il Grillo del Marchese

A discovery from the Sicila en primeur wine event. The devastating 1968 earthquake in the Belice Valley among other things caused serious damaged to the De Gregorio family’s baglio farmhouse. Their aristocratic origins are implied in the name of this Grillo wine that is also a play on words related to the Marchese (Marquis) del Grillo who was an early 19th century Roman nobleman known for his pranks. The winery is set up on two floors of the baglio and is well-organized in regard to both space and technology. The estate now has the young enologist Angelo Rubino as its consultant and he has given a new impetus to their wines with an interest quest for freshness, one that is evident in this particular wine.

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