10 vini per Ferragosto doctorwine
Tasting Notes | Published on DoctorWine N°222

Ten wines for Ferragosto

by Daniele Cernilli 11-08-2017

Drinking wine even during the mid-August Ferragosto holiday is something that die-hard wine lovers do, those who cannot go without wine even when it is 40°C outside.But then there are those who spend their holidays in the mountains or others places to avoid the heat.This being the case, here I have...

VinoVip Cortina, manifestazione d’alta quota
Tasting Notes

VinoVip Cortina, a high altitude event

Published on DoctorWine N°222
by Riccardo Viscardi 10-08-2017

VinoVip is a two-day, full-immersion in the world of wine held in Cortina and organized by Civiltà del Bere that offers some in...

Quel genio di Isi Benini
The Story

The incredible Isi Benini

Published on DoctorWine N°221
by Daniele Cernilli 09-08-2017

Isi Benini was a star, ironic and fun and he knew his stuff when it came to wine and food.When I speak with young people today who...

tempa di zoe iclento vini
Exploring Wineries

The essenze of Cilento in Tempra di Zoè

Published on DoctorWine N°222
by Antonella Amodio 08-08-2017

Four partners – Feudi di San Gregorio, Francesco Domini, Vincenzo D’Orta and Bruno De Conciliis – came together to create a ...

Il prezzo del vino bis doctorwine
Signed DW

The price of bulk wine

Published on DoctorWine N°222
by Daniele Cernilli 07-08-2017

According to data from Ismea on the wholesale price of bulk wine, Brunello di Montalcino is the most expensive Italian wine while ...

stefano bonilli papero gialli daniele cernilli doctorwine
Signed DW

Stefano Bonilli, a remembrance and an appeal

Published on DoctorWine N°221
by Daniele Cernilli 03-08-2017

Today is the third anniversary of the death of Stefano Bonilli. I would like to remember him together with all our readers and all...

Fattoria Lavacchio: Rufina da vivere
Exploring Wineries

Fattoria Lavacchio: Experience Rufina

Published on DoctorWine N°221
by Riccardo Viscardi 02-08-2017

The idea was to create a self-sufficient farm that totally respected nature and produced wine, olive oil, vegetables, grain and me...

La nuova tradizione Daniele cernilli doctorwine
Signed DW

New traditions

Published on DoctorWine N°221
by Daniele Cernilli 31-07-2017

Were we to take this literally, nothing in the world of wine or food could be considered ‘traditional’. Prime ingredients chan...


Spaghetti carbonara

Published on DoctorWine N°220
by Rosanna Ferraro 29-07-2017

The perfect carbonara? On this I am a rigid fundamentalist.And we pair this “perfect carbonara” with Frascati Eremo Tuscolano ...

Un Cava dallo stile preciso e riconoscibile il Recaredo Terrers Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2009
Happy Perlage!

A Cava with a precise and recognizable style

Published on DoctorWine N°220
by Chiara Giovoni 28-07-2017

Terrers Brut Nature Reserva 2009 from Recaredo is a sparkling wine to have with a meal but that is also great as an aperitif.Even ...

cabernet franc doctorwine
Grape Varieties

The Cabernet Franc

Published on DoctorWine N°220
by Editorial Staff 26-07-2017

Slowly and unstoppably, Cabernet Franc is gaining ground also in Italy and now it is even possible to find single-grape wines that...

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