Il prezzo del vino
Signed DW | Published on DoctorWine N°216

The price of wine

by Daniele Cernilli 26-06-2017

There has recently been quite a stir in the wine-web community over the news that the Swedish state alcohol monopoly had launched a tender for Barbera d’Asti wine age in small barrels at a maximum price of 2.30 euros per bottle. When you consider that the average price per bottle for exported Ital...

nebbiolo prima doctorwine riccardo viscardi

The sadness of Barolo

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Riccardo Viscardi 22-06-2017

The sadness is a reaction to the standstill that has overtaken the Langhe with the result that - with very few exceptions – its ...

picolit rocca bernarda daniele cernilli doctorwine
The Story

My first Picolit

Published on DoctorWine N°215
by Daniele Cernilli 21-06-2017

It was the year 1978 when I finally found myself with a glass of Picolit 1976 Rocca Bernarda in front of me. It was then that I un...

La falanghina: "un autentico e prezioso gioiello"
Tasting Notes

Falanghina, “an authentic and precious gem”

Published on DoctorWine N°215
by Antonella Amodio 20-06-2017

Falanghina is for many the standard-bearer of the region of Campania. And while the wines it produces differ depending on where th...

lieviti indigeni doctorwine daniele cernilli
Signed DW

Indigenous yeasts

Published on DoctorWine N°215
by Daniele Cernilli 19-06-2017

“When I try to explain, in an understandable way, technical questions related to yeasts, an enormous factor in zymotechnology, a...

risotto al prosecco ricetta doctorwine

Prosecco and Parmigiano risotto

Published on DoctorWine N°214
by Editorial Staff 17-06-2017

This recipe comes to us from Clementina, the chef at the restaurant Al Castelletto in Pedeguarda di Follina, in the Veneto provi...

rosa del golfo spumante brut rosè metodo classico vino rosato puglia doctorwine
Happy Perlage!

Rosa del Golfo Brut Rosé, a Salento bubbly

Published on DoctorWine N°214
by Chiara Giovoni 16-06-2017

Last week Lecce hosted Roséxpo, an interesting and ample occasion to taste and compare wines that led up to an international tra...

Il lato terragno della Campania, il Sannio Beneventano

The earthy side of Campania, Sannio Beneventano

Published on DoctorWine N°214
by Livia Belardelli 14-06-2017

Out and about in Sannio Beneventano to discover an area with a vocation for wine and cooperatives and which produces almost half t...

sicilia en primeur 2017 doctorwine
Tasting Notes

Sicily: a continent to discover

Published on DoctorWine N°214
by Riccardo Viscardi 13-06-2017

Sicilia en Primeur, organized by Assovini, is one of the most important wine events in Italy. It is an absolute must for those re...

L’abbinamento cromatico doctorwine daniele cernilli
Signed DW

Chromatic pairing

Published on DoctorWine N°214
by Daniele Cernilli 12-06-2017

Without wanting to offend sommeliers, the real pairing professionals, here follow a few simple rules to apply without stress, insp...

Sashimi di manzo

Beef sashimi

Published on DoctorWine N°213
by Katiuscia Rotoloni 10-06-2017

A simple way to serve tasty, raw meat to pair with a Chianti DOCG I Sodi del Paretaio from Bada di Morrona.Ingredients for 4 peopl...

Franck Pascal Harmonie 2009 champagne vigne francia doctorwine
Happy Perlage!

Franck Pascal, a Harmonie in noir

Published on DoctorWine N°213
by Chiara Giovoni 09-06-2017

Franck Pascal’s Champagnes are more wines than what a ‘bubbly’ is perceived to be and they have personality and are all endo...

Wine World News
napoli wine challenge

Napoli Wine Challenge, the winners

Published on DoctorWine N°211
by Editorial Staff 25-05-2017

THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY IN ITALIAN Napoli Wine Challenge è il concorso organizzat...

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