La Gironda, tante facce della barbera
Exploring Wineries

La Gironda: the many faces of Barbera

Published on DoctorWine N°227
by Riccardo Viscardi 19-09-2017

Susanna Galandrino heads a winery that in just a few years has made a name for itself on Monferrato wine scene with its versions o...

Il BIWA 2017 daniele cernilli doctorwine
Signed DW

BIWA 2017

Published on DoctorWine N°227
by Daniele Cernilli 18-09-2017

The Best Italian Wine Award is a prize that brings together a select jury of top experts from different countries who must evalu...

Ravioli ripieni di baccalà su vellutata di zucchine e chips di polenta

Cod Ravioli on a zucchini puree and polenta chips

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Editorial Staff 16-09-2017

A recipe from the Maso Franch restaurant in Giovo, in the province of Terni, to pair with a Sauvignon Vich from the Le Selezioni...

Extra Old Extra Brut, una rivoluzione in Veuve Clicquot
Happy Perlage!

Extra Brut Extra Old, a revolution at Veuve Clicquot

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Chiara Giovoni 15-09-2017

Extra Brut Extra Old Veuve Clicquot Champagne is composed of six vintages of vins de reserve and is certainly not a version of Yel...

cantina il borro toscana vini doctorwine
Exploring Wineries

The wonders of Il Borro

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Riccardo Viscardi 14-09-2017

Once a medieval hamlet, Borro has come back to life as a bio-sustainable agricultural estate with a winery, Relais & Chateau accom...

Exploring Wineries

Larner Vineyard Santa Barbara

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Daniele Cernilli 13-09-2017

Michael Larner, with his winery in Ballard Canyon (in the Santa Barbara region, California), is one of the best interpreters of Sy...

La cantina dalle antiche radici: Regina Viarum
Exploring Wineries

The winery of ancient roots: Regina Viarum

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Antonella Amodio 12-09-2017

Located on the Appian Way, the Regina Viarum winery cultivates only Primitivo grapes with which it produces Falerno del Massico Ro...

vendemmia complicata doctorwine daniele cernilli
Signed DW

A complicated harvest

Published on DoctorWine N°226
by Daniele Cernilli 11-09-2017

When we will drink 2017 wines we will discover that the quality won't be super and that the wines will be more expensive (if produ...

Scheda-valutazione-concorso-enologico-Marsala-Wine-Up DoctorWine

"Wine Up", a fun toast in Marsala

Published on DoctorWine N°225
by Riccardo Viscardi 07-09-2017

Wineup Expo 2017 was an event in Marsala that succeeded in exalting the wine and food of the area without forgetting its cultural ...

Sherry Talia Baiocchi Edizioni Readrink, 254 pagine,  DoctorWine

Sherry: bodega, flor and solera

Published on DoctorWine N°225
by Livia Belardelli 06-09-2017

Sherry is a niche wine that few really know. It was written at length about in a very clear way by Tania Baiocchi in her book: She...

Alla scoperta della tintilia del molise doctorwine
Grape Varieties

Discovering Tintilia

Published on DoctorWine N°225
by Editorial Staff 05-09-2017

Tintilia is a traditional grape from Molise, maybe non native but ancient. Anyway it can be found only in Molise vineyards and it ...

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