ristorante clotilde roma proprietario clemente quaglia
Where to eat | Published on DoctorWine N°207

Clotilde’s magical table in Rome

by Katiuscia Rotoloni 25-04-2017

There is a new restaurant in central Rome, Piazza Cardelli 5/A, for those who like me are always on the lookout for a small, relaxing place where you can feel at home away from home and enjoy some traditional Lazio cuisine together with a nice glass of wine or an especially make a cocktail from a lo...

luigi moio vino doctorwine
Signed DW

My friend the professor

Published on DoctorWine N°207
by Daniele Cernilli 24-04-2017

“Danny! Did you know that for the past couple of years we’ve been writing the same things?” “Yes, I noticed but whereas wh...

sella di coniglio al San Daniele con funghi galletti e rosmarino doctorwine

Saddle of rabbit with San Daniele prosciutto

Published on DoctorWine N°206
by Editorial Staff 22-04-2017

…chanterelle mushrooms and rosemary on a potato purée A recipe from Chef Antonino Venica of the Castello di Spessa Wine Resort...

tour vini etna panorama vigneto doctorwine
Tasting Notes

What’s happening on the volcano?

Published on DoctorWine N°206
by Riccardo Viscardi 19-04-2017

A tour of Etna estates offers an occasion for reflections in the state of wine thereThe Best in Sicily awards, wonderfully organi...

domaine de pierredon provenza francia tenuta panorama doctorwine
Talent Scout

On the border with Provence

Published on DoctorWine N°206
by Daniele Cernilli 18-04-2017

The Romans called it Provincia and it was from here that Julius Cesar began his conquest of Gaul. It later became the southern sho...

Daniele Cernilli seminari DoctorWine a Vinitaly 2017
Signed DW

From your agent at Vinitaly

Published on DoctorWine N°206
by Daniele Cernilli 17-04-2017

Vinitaly has come and gone and it was the best is years. Despite all the problems afflicting the Italian wine sector, the atmosphe...

orata alla piastra su giardiniera di verdure

Grilled sea bream on a bed of vegetables

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Katiuscia Rotoloni 15-04-2017

A simple and fresh main course perfect at the start of spring and that pairs well with the new sparkling wine Modén Blac from Cle...

severine frerson piper heidseick champagne doctorwine
Happy Perlage!

The “virtuous” Piper-Heidsieck Vintage 2008

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Chiara Giovoni 14-04-2017

On February 26th there was a very special evening for the Champagne of Maison Piper Heidsieck because it was used for the official...

vintage vini rossi doctorwine
Wine Community / Vinogodi

Vintage tastings (4): Red wines of the 1990s

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Vinogodi 13-04-2017

Here again memories play and important role because the 1990s marked a renaissance for Italian wines. The Super Tuscan wines were ...

andrea felici verdicchio dei castelli di jesi classico superiore doc bottiglie degustazione doctorwine
Vertical Tastings

Felici, a library of Verdicchio (2)

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Francesco Annibali 12-04-2017

In the first part of our interview (published yesterday LINK), Leopardo Felici in a slightly polemic way called for changes to re...

leopardo felici cantina andrea felici verdicchio marche doctorwine
Vertical Tastings

Felici, a library of Verdicchio (1)

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Francesco Annibali 11-04-2017

The first time I professionally tasted a Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi from Felici I immediately unwrapped the foil wrapping tha...

Signed DW

Bureaucratic red tape

Published on DoctorWine N°205
by Daniele Cernilli 10-04-2017

Perhaps it because Minister Maurizio Martina is so involved with his party’s politics ahead of its congress, but the fact of the...

abbacchio arrosto con patatte e salsa verde doctorwine

Roast Young Lamb with Potatoes and Green Sauce

Published on DoctorWine N°204
by Katiuscia Rotoloni 08-04-2017

Ingredients for four people:1.5 kg young lamb, 3 garlic cloves, 1 glass white wine, ½ glass of apple vinegar, extra virgin olive ...

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