• by Daniele Cernilli 30/06/14

    Renzi’s got the numbers… right

    It was a pleasure to hear the interview Italian Premier Matteo Renzi gave to the Rai 3 program ‘L’aria che...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 02/06/14

    What’s Bonilli up to?

    A lot of people ask me this, many of whom are from the world of wine who have lost touch with him. I have seen him...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 26/05/14

    Italy’s best white

     I would love to see what those critics at Wine Enthusiast, the same who decreed that Italian white wines were...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 19/05/14

    The End of ‘Common’ Wine

    I realize you are all lovers of fine wines and that the subject I will be dealing with here may initially seem...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 12/05/14

    Romantic or Provincial?

    On my return from London, where for the fourth year in a row I was a member of the tasting commissions at the...

  • by Redazione 20/04/14

    Happy Easter

    From all our staff

  • by Daniele Cernilli 14/04/14

    D’Alema’s Wines

    It would be far too easy to get cheap satisfaction by trashing a public figure, one who is often at the center of...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 10/03/14

    The Ladies of Wine

    I don’t think it’s true that men never understand women. The truth is that when they do it is generally too...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 10/02/14

    Diabolic Sulfur

    Some time ago I wrote an editorial entitled ‘Sulfur Dioxide’ and today I return to this subject because data...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 26/01/14

    Tea or coffee

    Your preference for coffee or tea is indicative of the kind of wine you like. This according to the reasoning of...

  • by Redazione 31/12/13

    Happy 2014! Cheers :-)

    Happy 2014! Cheers    

  • by Redazione 24/12/13

    Happy Festive Season

    The Doc Daniele Cernilli, the chief editor "Shedoctor" Stefania Vinciguerra, the editorial secretary Iolanda...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 16/12/13

    Criticism of Criticism

    It is as if we have entered into a Hegelian dialectic in where the thesis becomes the antithesis due to a new...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 02/12/13

    Gambero Rosso Wishes to Rectify

    On behalf of GRH Spa, attorney Alessandro Sala has requested a rectification. I have no problem with this and have...

  • by Stefania Vinciguerra 25/11/13


    I think only a few people now do not know that today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 28/10/13

    The Season of Guides

    Every year in October and November the leading wine guides come out in Italy and France. Today I wish to focus on...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 14/10/13

    Brava Jancis

     Some of you may remember how a while ago I sharply criticized Jancis Robinson for statements she made during...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 23/09/13

    Immeasurable Value

    I must confess that my philosophy teacher persona sometimes gets the better of me and I make certain observations...

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  • DoctorWine is back

    by Daniele Cernilli 10/18/21

    October has been a hectic month for DoctorWine and its editor-in-chief. After the...




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