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Ristorante Amico Bellenda presenta Dolada dal 1921

Wineries embrace restaurants. For the column “Ristorante Amico” (Friend-restaurant), a wine producer presents one of his favorite restaurants, which in return offers a recipe paired with one of his wines.

When you arrive in Plois d’Alpago, you do not get there just for the pristine beauty of these places, surrounded by rugged and wild mountains with breathtaking views, you get there to go to the Dolada restaurant.

This charming old mountain hotel with seven rooms and a restaurant has existed since 1921. When you pass through the entrance door, you easily understand the years of study and research of the De Prà family, with Rossana Roma, always ready to welcome her guests and a great example of dining room management in impeccable way. And, the chef, Enzo De Prà, who has made this place and its cuisine famous all over the world, teaching many boys and girls one of the most strenuous jobs in the world, gaining and maintaining the Michelin star continuously for fifty years, the only restaurant in Italy to achieve this prestigious goal.

Today, their son and daughter have inherited this knowledge. Tradition and innovation can be felt in the rooms where design objects are perfectly combined with furnishing elements of the past. Everything coexists harmoniously without overwhelming you and this lightness makes you feel good and enjoy the culinary moment: Benedetta is a perfect maître and her brother Riccardo, the actual chef, has wisely collected the knowledge of his father by adding personality and indisputable skills to recipes strongly linked to the territory. He destructures and reassembles the best dishes of the Venetian and Dolomites tradition, giving them a new nature, keeping their typicality and history unaltered. Do not miss the tasting menus of the great classics and Alpago.

The recipe proposed by Riccardo in combination with Sei Uno Prosecco Superiore is certainly one of his most delicious dishes.

The proposed recipe:

Risotto in the pumpkin

Ingredients for 6-8 people:

500 g of Carnaroli rice; Broth (about double the rice); 90 g Sei Uno Prosecco Superiore: 60 to blend the rice, 30 to whisk it; 80 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano; 1 whole pumpkin: the outside as a container, 200 g of pulp for the risotto; Mixed vegetables: spring onion, baby carrots, etc.; 80 g alpine butter; 40 g shallots: 20 for toasting the rice, 20 for whipping; 7 g salt; 1 g pepper.


Prepare or heat some broth and keep it handy, in the meantime cut only the top of the pumpkin and empty it from above. 

Take a saucepan and toast the rice and then blend it with the Sei Uno Prosecco Superiore. 

Meanwhile, cut the pumpkin and the other vegetables into small chunks and mix them with the rice along with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Let it all brown and then add the hot broth to start cooking the rice, it will take about 13 minutes. 

Once ready, combine the cheese, butter and Sei Uno Prosecco Superiore, and mix everything, making sure it is not too thick. 

For a surprising presentation, pour the risotto directly into the pumpkin that you had deprived of the pulp.

Wine to pair:

Sei Uno Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Brut Rive by Carpesica Bellenda

Golden straw with white foam. The bouquet releases rich notes of rennet apple and freshly-shelled hazelnut, with hints of rosemary and mint. On the palate, it is clean-edged and ultra-crisp, mirroring the fragrances of the bouquet, while the finish is very long-lived. It will show good improvement during the three years following the vintage date; if it is well stored, its nose and palate will grow in complexity well over six years after harvest.

Production area: the Carpesica area, in limestone-clay soils rich in morainic deposits from the ancient Piave glacier that descended from the Fadalto saddle between Mount Pizzoc and Mount Visentin. The vineyards face south-southwest at an average elevation of 180 meters a.s.l. The weather is mild, with cold winters and summers that are warm, but never muggy, and with consistent breezes. The day-night temperature differentials are significant, particularly in summer. 

Grape variety: 100% Glera, planted to an average density of 4,000 vines per hectare and trained to a mix of Sylvoz and Cappuccina.

Harvest: in the second half of September with an average yield is 80 hl/ha. 

Vinification: after the clusters are de-stemmed and the grapes gently pressed, the must is gravity-settled then fermented at 18-20°C. The wine matures sur lie, then the wine re-ferments in the bottle over 12 months. After disgorging it is topped up with the same wine, then given a further

6 months’ ageing before release.

Alcohol content: 11.64% vol.c

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C in a large Prosecco crystal glass.

Suggested pairings: perfect accompaniment to fish- and vegetable-based antipasti and other light dishes.

Curiosity: the name of this wine originates in the fact that the first vintage produced was reserved e for the family’s enjoyment at a special event in 1961.


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