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Vertical Tasting | Published DoctorWine N°41
Chianti Classico Il Poggio Riserva del Castello di Monsanto - Part Two
by Daniele Cernilli 26-07-2012

As we saw yesterday, in order to mark the winery's 50th anniversary, the Bianchi family organized a fantastic tasting of the historical Riserva Il Poggio, one of the Chianti Classico that can age better than any others do.
For me it was also a sentimental journey that allowed me taste wines I had tasted many times before, starting 30 years ago. Although something has changed over the years (expanded vineyards, the original one replanted, sometimes the grape-blend with touches of Colorino or Canaiolo, bigger or smaller barrels) the personality of Monsanto, its character remains the same and always exciting.
In part one we saw the oldest vintages: 1962, 1968, 1974, 1979, 1985, here are the tasting notes for 1988, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2008.

Il Poggio Riserva 1988
Chianti Classico Docg

Rating » 97
Category » Red
Region » Toscana
Country » Italy

Price: N/A

An extraordinary vintage. A luminous ruby-garnet color. The nose profile is extremely intricate, varietal, with initial fruity and floral scents, black cherry, violet and raspberry, then tobacco, ethereal tones of camphor and smoky accents in the background. The attack is simply delicious, savory, taut, elegant and bold at the same time, harmonious, enveloping, almost sensual. The finish is warm and very long. The product of an historic harvest, perhaps the vintage of the century in Tuscany, a wine created with extreme skill and that made Italian wine history.

Il Poggio Riserva 1995
Chianti Classico Docg

Rating » 89
Category » Red
Region » Toscana
Country » Italy

Price. N/A

A luminous and lively ruby color with garnet reflections. Very integral to the nose, almost youthful. Some spicy scents alongside the classic ones of fruit, black cherry and red orange, then cacao and tobacco. Agile in the mouth, well-managed by its acidic component that gives it freshness but which can be a little too dominant. Pleasing but a little simple, horribly drinkable with a subtle, nicely long finish. This was the first year new barriques were used, for 40% of the total.

Il Poggio Riserva 1999
Chianti Classico Docg

Rating » 95+
Category » Red
Region » Toscana
Country » Italy

Price: N/A

A luminous ruby-garnet. Already from its aroma, initially closed and then extremely deep, one can tell that something different took place in the wine-making. In fact, the period of maceration extended to a month from the classic three weeks. This was done due to the richness of the harvest and the particularly integral poly-phenolic component. The nose profile is thus very broad, ethereal, with scents of black cherry under spirits, then camphor, tobacco, sweet spices and even balsamic and resiny accents. The taste is immense, with robust and youthful tannins, a significant body with great persistence. A wine that is still young and could easily not be understood and that has a long life ahead of it. The first vintage using 100% new wood.

Il Poggio Riserva 2001
Chianti Classico Docg

Rating » 88
Category » Red
Region » Toscana
Country » Italy

Price: N/A

An intense ruby color with garnet traces. Ethereal, of average complexity, with a vanilla touch and new wood that tends to dominate. Then black cherry in spirits and scents that are ethereal, youthful, even lactic, perhaps a bit obvious. It's better in the mouth, agile, tannic, taut, a bit influenced by the wood. The finish is warm and persistent.

Il Poggio Riserva del Cinquantenario 2008
Chianti Classico Docg

Rating » 92+
Category » Red
Region » Toscana
Country » Italy

45,00 Euros

A lively and luminous ruby color. The nose profile is dominated by varietal and fruity scents, black cherry and violet that are almost fragrant due to their precision and sharpness. There is only a hint of the new wood, and a touch of spiciness that makes the bouquet even more intricate and youthful. The taste is taut, savory, with great personality, rich and agile. The finish is long and warm. A splendid Chianti Classico that will grow with time and in ten years will be up there with the best.

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