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Wine Community / Vinogodi | Published DoctorWine N°29
Apuliae - Part Three
by Vinogodi 05-05-2012

Primitivo is a grape that produces irrepressible wines. It also was used historically to improve wines not only in northern Italy but also abroad, thanks to its characteristics that are perhaps unique in regard to structure. Bold almost beyond belief, its strength is not always kept under control and this results in a wine that had difficulty finding a place at the table. Today it is considered one of the lead players in the renaissance of wine-making in Puglia, with some very successful versions from truly inspired producers.

Primitivo di Gioia del Colle Riserva 2006
Primitivo Gioia del Colle Doc

Rating » 90
Category » Red
Region » Puglia
Country » Italy

30-35 euros

An intense and concentrated color. The nose is very expressive, dark fruit, leather with some balsamic notes, intense yet at the same time discreet, elegant and variegated. The taste is truly powerful, ranging from sweet licorice to blackberry. Its texture is significant yet smooth, seemingly overloaded because of the ample contradiction between its balance and elegance. A wine that packs a punch.

Primitivo di Gioia del Colle 2006
Primitivo Gioia del Colle Doc

Rating » 87+
Category » Red
Region » Puglia
Country » Italy

20-25 euros

A dark but bright color. The aroma is not intense but clean and expressive, with sents of leather and ripe prune, licorice stick, cumin. The taste, while rich in substance, is relatively simple, rotund, a very drinkable wine.

Primitivo di Gioia del Colle Riserva 2006
Primitivo Gioia del Colle Doc Riserva

Rating » 92
Category » Red
Region » Puglia
Country » Italy

70-80 euros

Disarming already in its chromatic tones, impenetrable because of the enormous concentration of matter. The nose is an explosion of ripe red fruit, cherry, durone cherry and prune, then underbrush and bark. The taste is an amazing spectacle for its strength and luxuriance verve. A true titan without every falling into caricature.

Primitivo Purpureus 2007
Puglia Igt
Rating » 88
Category » Red
Region » Puglia
Country » Italy

15-20 euros

Its color is perhaps the thinnest of the group despite its unusual intensity and brilliance uncommon for such a wine. The aroma is less explosive than the others, more identifiable for its elegance and stratification, with a nice Noberasco prune that dominates the nose. The taste is silky, rich and rewarding. I liked its overall balance.

Es 2006
Primitivo di Manduria Doc
Gianfranco Fino

Rating » 93
Category » Red
Region » Puglia
Country » Italy

40 euros

An intense yet luminous color. A paradigmatic bouquet of underbrush and roots, red fruit with lovely balsamic inflections. The sumptuous taste leaves little to the imagination, for its richness and many sides. The confirmation of a great wine.

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