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Wine Community / Vignadelmar | Published DoctorWine N°20
CCCP in January - Part One
by Vignadelmar 16-02-2012

January turned out to be a month with some decent bottles drunk as well. They were chosen without any logical connection, the result of improvisation or some improvised desire. In any case, in our club we drink often and, as in this case, when my buddy Prompicail is around there is a frightening leap in the number of bottles consumed.... We will start with the bubbly and some whites...

Champagne Grand Brut

Rating » 84
Category » Sparkling wine
Region » Champagne
Country » France

45 euros

This is the Maison's base Champagne and yet it is quite enjoyable with its color slightly more greenish than yellow, its elegant effervescence, defined bouquet and taste, precise and persistent. For sure it will not stand out for its complexity, but at this price it is difficult to find anything better.

Champagne Brut Millésimé 1997
Laurent Perrier

Rating » 91
Category » Sparkling wine
Region » Champagne
Country » France

90 euros

A great jug of Champagne even if this millésimé is not among those that will go down in history. But we should not be influenced by such prejudices and so let's analyze this wine starting with its lovely, not-too-dark canary yellow color. Then there are the bubbles which are delicate yet persistent. The nose is very captivating, quite solar, of seasoned hay and golden apples. The taste is very clean, upright, fresh and complex. What more could one ask?

Dizero – Franciacorta Pas Dosé Blanc de blanc
Franciacorta Docg

Rating » 83
Category » Sparkling wine
Region » Lombardia
Country » Italy

28 euros

In Franciacorta they have been focusing recently a lot on producing wines without 'le dosage', that is without any addition of a 'liquer d'expedition' syrup. What they are aiming for is a wine with greater character and personality, perhaps more in line with the requests of a ever-growing number of consumers who are more enologically aware. At Montensia they have succeeded in this and this blanc de blanc is quite convincing also for its overall refined elegance.

Friulano 2009
Ronc Soreli

Rating » 86
Category » White
Region » Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Country » Italy

18 euros

I have to admit that this wine knocked me off my feet. When Prompicai had me taste it he warned me: you are about to drink a peculiar Friulano. When I brought it to my nose there was a gushing bouquet of successive and absolute particular scents: flowers and white fruit, anise, grapefruit, roses, cut grass. For sure I missed some of them but overall it was all very captivating also for the very pleasing taste, even if it was less diversified.

Sauvignon 2009
Colli Orientali del Friuli Doc
Ronc Soreli

Rating » 81
Category » White
Region » Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Country » Italy

18 euros

This was consumed right after its Friulano brother. I was expecting to receive who knows what kind of slap to the nose, instead I found a very rigorous Sauvignon, fortunately not extremely so, genuinely diversified and a taste of a rare minerality. Thus a lovely and pleasurable DR0P.

Quarz 2008
Terlaner Sauvignon Doc

Rating » 87
Category » White
Region » Alto Adige
Country » Italy

30 euros

If you like aromatic wines, those which strongly recall their grape of origin, that age well and do not have any of the forced or tiring characteristics which some producers put in their wines, then this fine Sauvignon from Alto Adige is for you.

Podium 1999
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Doc

Rating » 93
Category » White
Region » Marche
Country » Italy

50 euros

OK, you already know how I love Verdicchio, but how can I not go on about such a white which is 'only' 12 years old? The color is quite a bright yellow, the taste is full, solid, very fresh, savory, persistent, while the bouquet changes minute by minute is a procession of exotic fruits, anise, white fruit, grass and Mediterranean brush. A great wine without any 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts', unfortunately this was the last bottle.

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